About Me

Specialist Teacher- Cognition and Learning


My name is Sarah Singleton. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education from The University of Cambridge in 1992. Since then I have worked in the primary phase as a class teacher, Deputy Head teacher and SENCo. 

I have always loved learning. I loved school myself and so becoming a teacher seemed the natural thing to want to do- to share my love of learning. In my first class there was a high percentage of pupils on the schools Special Educational Needs register. It became clear to me very quickly that I had to adapt my teaching style, what I taught and how I taught so that all of the pupil’s in my class could engage with the learning and wanted to engage with it. 

So began my interest in differentiation; making sure the learning was pitched at different levels within my class. I learnt from an amazing SENCo, who showed me there was a way to do this - to help all my pupils. I became a SENCo and commenced my journey into learning more about how children learn. This resulted in me becoming a Specialist Teacher working for the Local Authority.

I am now an independent Specialist Teacher in the North of Essex, offering my services to schools, parents, higher education settings and training in the workplace. Why ‘Education Detective?’ I’ve always said to the children I work with – 'I’m not a police detective, but I am a teacher detective.' I look for clues…for how they learn. If we know how someone learns, what their needs are, we are one step closer to helping them. 


I have an Advanced Diploma in SEN and a PG Cert in Speech and Language Difficulties. I have a Level 7 Qualification in Literacy Difficulties which enabled me to gain my Assessing and Practicing Certificate (APC). This allows me to carry out a full diagnostic assessment and diagnose Dyslexia if appropriate. 

In addition:

· 27 years a teacher 

· Deputy Head teacher 

· SENCo in two schools 

· 11 years as a Specialist teacher

· Catch-Up Literacy training

· Reading Recovery training 

· Numicon Affiliate training / tutor

· Makaton Licensed Tutor